TRU Hardware in Bella Coola..

For TRU Hardware store owners Jim Hiltz and Lily Pedersen, playing an active role in their community of Bella Coola, BC is important to them.
When fundraising and donations are needed, Jim and Lily are more than willing to do their share.

Jim and Lily supported their community during the major flood in the Bella Coola Valley in 2010. Many residents of the area were trapped in their homes or the emergency centre. In support of the residents they offered discounts in the store to help them get back on their feet again.

They also support local fundraising groups by donating money and merchandise. One such event is the Nuxulk Nation Rediscovery Youth Camp: an empowerment program that teaches youth to learn, grow and heal in a wilderness setting by promoting traditional First Nations culture and activities. Jim serves as President on the Board for the local senior citizens lodge and other community functions they support are the Rod & Gun Club, Music Festival, Fall Fair, and Senior’s Christmas Dinner.